Welcome to Bioteacher.co.uk.  This website is being developed to help you revise for the new AQA GCSE Biology and the Biology component of the Core Science/Additional Science examinations (first examinations in 2012).  This site is designed to be interactive.  If you register, you can join the discussion forums and chat to other students.  This site can link to your Facebook/Google/Twitter accounts for login/registration.  Please use the forums to post any questions you may have.  Hopefully you will be able to help each other out.  All materials can be freely accessed.


This website is hosted by Vidahost, who I have found to be the best hosting company around.  Any problems have always been resolved within minutes.  Unlike other web hosting companies they also provide their standard landline telephone number and a free 0800 number to call for support.  If you are looking for a web hosting company they come very highly recommended and will give you a 10% discount if you enter the code 'drparry' when you sign up!  Vidahost (and their partner company Tsohost) are always at the top of the league tables on the Host Review website.  Over the course of the next few months I will be moving all of my websites on to Vidahost's servers.

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